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Bookkeeping-accounting services

Bookkeeping does not refer only to numbers, a good accountant may find out something important about your business. Numbers are something more than pure mathematics as they clearly show us in what direction your business moves and what the The best options for future business are. Save your time, reduce the risk and work on what you are best at and leave all your bookkeeping-accounting businesses to us. Our team will make sure that this segment works faultlessly.

Our services include:
  • Checking the correctness of all accounting documents
  • Providing evidence of all business transactions bookkeeping
  • Commodity and financial bookkeeping
  • Keeping the register of fixed assets
  • Providing analytical records of customers and suppliers
  • Compiling and producing documents
  • Salary and other income calculating
  • Providing records and calculation of VAT, preparation of VAT returns
  • Preparing periodic reports and final accounts
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Our goal is to offer you precise, real and proactive information about your business, the information which will be useful for you and for the potential new investors since it will give relevant conclusions about the financial position and future movements. The reports are adjusted to the specificity of the individual client so that they can contribute to business decisions along with reliable, concise and adequate information.

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A firm foundation

In case you are going to start your own business, we offer you complete support in the process of the firm registration and activation:
  • Help to choose an adequate and most optimal legal form for your business
  • Drafting of the founding act or founding agreement for Ltd companies
  • Filling out the registration application
  • Submission of registration application to the agency for economic registers
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Advisory services

  • Financial counselling
  • Tax consulting
  • Business consulting
  • Legal advice

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